Side note - DM usage of site

I have decided that for things that do not impact the primary story arcs and which have occurred more than a year ago, I will not hesitate to post non-player knowledge. Due to the long duration of the campaign, the difficulty of remembering what is player knowledge and what isn’t, and to help encourage the sharing and collaboration that this site can provide, I will not hesitate in posting information that the players may not have become aware of.

4-26-09: catching up
We have to do this every year or so...

The party made finished making their way out of Under Mountain. Following the instructions from the poem, the party stumbled upon Kilnax who was patiently awaiting them. Luckily for Matvei, Kilnax was protecting all of Matvei’s missing belongings.

As Kilnax begin taking the party to meet with “The Eye” as promised, we decided to stop for the night to catch up. It has been over a year since we had a “regrouping,” and it was necessary to bring everyone back to the same ground before continuing with the story.

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