Matvei Vanya Vassily Michaelovich

A young fop of a lordling bard has fought and grown to learn how to be a diplomat, a leader of men, and a caretaker for his people.


Str: 10, Dex: 14 (16); Con: 12; Int: 14; Wis: 12; Cha: 18 (22)

HP: 60; AC: 25 (Touch:13, Flat-Footed: 20)

Saves: (Fort: 5; Reflex: 14; Will: 12)

Init: 7

Base Attack: 10/5


  • Stealthy
  • Negotiator
  • Rapid Reload
  • Weapon Finess
  • Leadership
  • Wanderer's Diplomacy


  • Appraisal: 4
  • Balance: 4
  • Bluff: 26
  • Concentration: 16
  • Decipher Script: 5
  • Diplomacy: 36
  • Disable Device: 6
  • Disguise: 22
  • Escape Artist: 7
  • Forgery: 2
  • Gather Information: 20
  • Hide: 8
  • Intimidate: 11
  • Knowledge (local): 5
  • Knowledge (nobility): 7
  • Bardic Knowledge: 10
  • Listen:  7
  • Move Silently: 12
  • Open Lock: 7
  • Perform (Wind): 25
  • Perform (Oratory): 15
  • Perform (Dance)" 13
  • Ride: 4
  • Search: 2
  • Sense Motive: 14
  • Sleight of Hand: 8
  • Spellcraft: 8
  • Spot: 1
  • Survival: 1
  • Tumble: 5
  • Use Magic Device: 9 (12 with scrolls)
  • Use Rope: 5

Bard Level 8:

  • Countersong
  • Fascinate
  • Inspire Courage (+2) 
  • Inspire Competance
  • Suggestion

Diplomat Level 6:

  • Sneak Attack +2d6
  •  Wary Mind (+2 saves v. divination)
  • Improved Initiative
  • Social Skills (Trustworthy, Charlatan)
  • Poison Resistance (+2 saves v. poison)
  • Uncanny Dodge
  • Slippery Mind (repeat saving throws v. enchantment)


  • Common
  • Elvish
  • Gnomish



            Matvie is a minor noble from one of the five outlying towns of the area.  He is the youngest son of a minor noble, with five older siblings.  Mikhail, the oldest, was married off to the daughter of another noble family with whom the family is friendly from a neighboring town.  He is a serious type, but looks to become a good leader for the few under their rule.  The next two children were daughters, Ollia and Alexandri.  Ollia was somewhat stuck-up and had no interest in her younger siblings.  Alexandra, on the other hand was something of a mother-figure to the youngest of the Mikhailoviches, after the death of their real mother when Matvei was two years old.  Both of these two have also married off, Ollia to a courtier in Vortas and Alexandra to a noble on the other side of the valley.   Following Ollia and Alexandra were the twins, a boy and a girl.  Adrian cares for little but his sister and hunting, while Sasha is a bit of a scholar and plans to pursue a life in the world of wizardry, perhaps finding a comfortable position at court.

            The family was fortunate that Matvei was born only two years before a daughter of a minor family from the same town as Alexandra’s husband.  A betrothal was arraigned between the two children while the daughter, Raya Ivanovich, was still in swaddling clothes.  They were to wed as soon as Raya came of age at sixteen, with Matvei to join Raya at her family home.  It was this promise that comforted Matvei when Alexandra left for her own marriage.  However, the betrothal was ended somewhat abruptly when Raya was fifteen and Matvei seventeen.  The excuse given to the Ivanoviches was that with Matvei’s father’s failing health and Mihkail’s relative youth, the family had decided that they wished to marry Matvei to someone closer to the family seat.  This has left bad feelings between the two families. 

            The true reason for breaking the betrothal was more embarrassing.  Matvei had developed a bit of a reputation over the past few years as a bit of a wastrel.  He had never excelled overly at the physical lessons as a child, preferring to read or to listen to the wandering bards and minstrels in town whenever possible.  As he matured, he started to slip away to town more and more often and to become known among the taverns and brothels, not all catering to higher clientele.  All of this could have been brushed aside as youthful indiscretions had it ever come to the notice of his bride’s family.  However, when he was barely seventeen, he was discovered in a compromising circumstance with a stableboy.  While the family managed to mostly cover up the embarrassing event (including paying the stableboy quite well and sending him far away), they could not take the risk of such an event occurring again while Matvei was married to the daughter of a noble family.  The excuse of needing Matvei near home was thus hastily created and the betrothal broken.  The family has attempted to keep closer control on Matvei’s actions ever since.

            This year, the family is taking Matvei along to the festival in Andjun.  There are great hopes to marry off Matvei to a member of one of the merchanting families.  This would be less prestigious of a match than Raya, but could provide the family with a nice influx of wealth through the girl’s dower.  Matvei is less than impressed with the idea and plans to explore some of the festival’s more interesting aspects during his stay before his liberty is permanently revoked.


Physical Description:

            Matvei stands 5’5”, with a slim build that allows him to appear rakish or waifish as he wishes.  His pale face strikingly sets off his brilliant blue eyes and stark hair.  So black it appears to have blue highlights, Matvei keeps his wavy hair cropped unusually close, only a few inches at the brow and  reaching no farther in back than the top of his neck.  He has sharp features and always goes clean-shaven.

Treasured Possessions:



            The pipes Matvei picked up when he was fifteen and first starting to try to slide out from under the thumb of his family.  Matvei had begun to associate with some of the poorer quarters of town, particularly at the local taverns.  One evening, he returned to one of his favored taverns after an absence of a month.  He was surprised to discover that there was a wedding celebration in process.  He apologized for his absence, explaining that he had been caught sneaking back into the house late at night a month prior.  He had ducked down into a sewer to hide from a guard patrol, which had seemed a good idea at the time, but the smell had alerted Adrian when he returned.  However, to make up for his long absence, he agreed to perform on his pipes for the wedding party.  His performance was greatly appreciated, but the party became raucous as the evening progressed.  At one point, a wrestling match resulted in the destruction of Matvei’s pipes.

            After the party, Matvei was approached by the bride’s father as he prepared to leave.  The father wished to repay the loss of the pipes and produced an odd, long, skinny pipe.  He explained that the pipe, properly played, had the ability to summon and to some degree control rats such as those in the town’s sewers. He laughingly explained that it wouldn’t do anything for the smell but might still prove useful if Matvei found himself in a similar situation in the future.<!-EndFragment-> 


 Cloaks of Charisma:

Cloak +2 (lost to the Black Pudding):


            The cloak was a gift from his sister Alexandra when he turned sixteen.  She had already been sent away to be wed but she remembered his childhood fondness for stories and tale-telling and his letters indicated that he’d never grown out of it.  She had found the cloak at the annual festival and the merchant had assured her that the tales of the wearer gained an extra edge and that he could persuade anyone of anything.  Though slightly dubious, she had bought it on account of the lovely green-brown weave with a hint of gold (and perhaps because the merchant was wearing a somewhat similar cloak).  Matvei doesn’t know whether the cloak truly works or if his stories are enhanced by the constant reminder of Alexandra, but he wears it almost constantly, nonetheless.

Cloak +4:

Matvei's newest cloak will always remind him of Kalseru.  When the arty first met Kalseru, he was being held prisoner to be fed to his own father.  Upon leaving the sight that was thankfully not of Kalseru's demise, the party discovered a cave of ice trolls and winter wolves.  Closer examination revealed the presence of beautiful leather collars studded with bloodstones.  At Foilas' inspired suggestion, Matvei brought a few of the pelts and some of the bloodstones with him to High Horn Pass where (while a nearby cobbler made both Matvei and Kalseru some very interesting boots) he had a local tailor fashion him a stunning and eye-catching cloak.  A little magical assistance by Foilas, and he was ready to charm!



Matvei Vanya Vassily Michaelovich

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