Ferine Chopthof

6' blond paladin of Ehlonna.


Ferine Chopthof, Paladin of Ehlonna 6’ tall, fair skin, blue eyes, 19 years old, knee-length blond hair that she keeps braided, decently pretty but she doesn’t know it. She is very, very shy.

  • 120 HP
  • 26 AC
  • +1 inish
  • Base attack – 14/9/4
  • Str – 17 (19)gauntlets
  • Dex – 12
  • Con – 12 (14)belt
  • Int – 10
  • Wis – 14
  • Cha – 14 (18)eagle’s splendor
  • Fort – 15/17
  • Reflex – 9/11 +2 to all saves if eagle’s splendor
  • Will – 10/12

Preferred weapons:

  • Greatsword +2
  • Sunrazor – a +1 good aligned longsword
  • Mighty +4 comp long bow +1

She also carries a MW Guisarme and a heavy flail. She keeps a spear and spare longsword, both of which have come in handy.


  • Climb – 6
  • Intimidate – 7 (9)mask
  • Knowledge Religion – 3
  • Listen – 8
  • Ride – 7
  • Sense Motive – 4
  • Spot – 8
  • Survival – 7


  • Quick Draw
  • Weapon Focus – Longsword
  • Power Attack
  • -Cleave
  • Mounted Combat
  • Imp. Smiting

Languages Common, Dwarven (belt)

Possessions of note:

  • Quiver of Ehlonna
  • Ring of Featherfall (Ash’s)
  • Phylactery of Faith
  • Unicorn Pendant (CMW 1/day, Neutralize Poison 1/day, Cha +4 for Lay On Hands)
  • Mask of Mastery (command)
  • Belt of Dwarvenkind
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Folias made)
  • Animated shield (Folias again)

She carries the various medallions that we have found: mask, spiral, Lathander, symbol of House VonDoran.

Mount – Laylani Celestial Warhorse


  • Ogre thumb
  • Behir claw
  • Illithid tentacle
  • Wyvern claw
  • Giant Croc tooth
  • sm Green dragon lich claw
  • med Blue dragon lich claw
  • Frost giant thumb
  • Gorgon Horn
  • Femorran tooth
  • Hydra claw
  • Zill mandibles

The five items are fixed on the collar of a snow wolf pelt mantle.


The Chopthof family raises sheep just outside of Vortas. One of three children but her father’s only daughter, Ferine was offered to the closest neighbor who raises pigs. She was going to be used to ensure equitable trade between the families, however the pigs were better looking than the pig farmer’s son…

Ferine had spent many days sparing in the forest with her friend Aldar, an elven paladin of Ehlonna. Ferine had felt “the call” shortly before her father informed her of the marriage arrangement. She tried to explain things to her family, but they were more concerned with getting bacon on a regular basis…Unable to stand the idea of wasting away into old age while mucking out pig stalls, Ferine ran away to Vortas hoping to join the militia.

She accepted the tower challenge and was sent off to another world with four other very small people. She was used to being the smallest person around (her brothers were huge) and now she was the big strong one. She had also never met a gnome or a dwarf before.

One of the first big fights, we passed a farmer who needed to be rid of an ogre who was causing problems on the farm. As a way of showing the farmer that the ogre was dead, Ferine cut off the ogre’s thumb. This started Ferine’s trophy gathering. She now takes claws/thumbs/teeth off of every creature that she defeats. She doesn’t know why she started this. Now, she uses the trophies as a symbol of strength. (she secretly worries that she isn’t strong enough, that she can’t protect everyone. the trophies remind herself that she is strong/needs to be strong)

Various adventures brought out Ferine’s protective nature, she is fiercely protective of the party. Losing Ash hurt Ferine more than she lets on. Now she is willing to put herself in between them and any harm, regardless of any consequences.

Ferine does have a crush on Jorat. She doesn’t realize that it is a crush, per se, she sees it more as a deep respect for an honorable warrior…but she gets all twitterpaitted whenever he is around.

Ferine Chopthof

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