Karinto's Journal

From the journal of Karinto, transcribed by Glasto Ferin

“I have witnessed it with mine own eyes. I truly do not know whether he succeeded or perished in his foolhardy attempt, but then, it’s not my place to judge it. My good friend is gone from me. I will mourn the absence of his presence in my life, but will not mourn his life. My only hope is that, though I may disagree with his plan, he fulfilled his wishes and those of the people he sought to protect.

When I cleared the cave and looked down into his vale, my eyes were met with a familiar clear sky and a barren landscape where once Vortas’ tower stood. My foolish friend, what have you done?

I hold the final key, imbued by Vortas himself. It is filled with the magic that he sought his entire life. It is filled with the life of his once true companion. I sometimes feel that Gesnar watches me from within that orb, and I wonder if he is still there, and if he feels that chaos and pain that his passing left in Vortas’ own heart.

Vortas was adamant that this was the key to his home, if ever I needed it. I know not what it will do, but I will keep it safe. Perhaps in my later years I will succumb to the urge to bring it to that vale and meet my friend once more before my passing.”

I have poured over this passage for the past two years. I bought it from a traveler who claimed to find the book in what appeared to be the ruins of a caravan headed through the Spine. It was from the center of the book, the only few pages with text that was still decipherable – the only pages not to be lost to time and weather after it suffered the elements for who knows how many years.

Karinto's Journal

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