From an e-mail dated September 19, 2005, sent out by GOD (Game Operations Director) himself.


Eldar is a majestic realm. It is a land of pure balance, protected and saved from any outside world for generations by the 3 barriers. Neither magical, nor purely natural, the 3 barriers have prevented the wars, plagues, and even the New Gods of the outside from having any influence within Eldar. The immense mountains to the north and the south converge in the west forming a plain of fertile land and thriving ecosystems which have conceived the society as you know it. To the east, rivers flowing from the two mountain ranges converge and supposedly continue flowing eastwards, outside the bounds of Eldar and into the unknown.

Five towns form the boundaries of society, utilizing the balanced land that provides all needs for it’s populace. Each of these 5 towns has one major thing in common – a central tower in each town where one of the six members of The Order lives. These wizards, as immortal as Eldar itself, have protected and nurtured the region as long as anyone can imagine. One member of The Order resides in Vortas, the central city. The Dark Tower, as it is lovingly called, looms high above the city - visible for miles around, and is where The Order is thought to convene.

Though The Order and its members are known of throughout the land, their dealings within the realm is largely unknown. They don’t seem to play any part in the daily lives of the people, nor in the natural politicking and power-exchanges that occur. Actually, the members are never seen outside of the 5 annual festivals. Each town, every five years, holds a celebration in which the local wizard conscripts a group of individuals to act on his behalf. What happens to this group is unknown, though the families of those chosen are always well taken care-of while the servants are employed.

This is a land loved by the Old Gods, in whose hands Eldar has eternally been protected and to whom each of you owe your faith.

The story will begin to unfold 3 days before the festival in Andjun. Each of you has converged upon the town and will, perhaps, join the throng of men and women hoping for the opportunity to prove their worth and become chosen.

Welcome to Eldar.


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